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[1]<Draenen> … *wipes away some sweat and grime as she looks around Kenjii's room, then nods slightly to herself as she goes over–
[1]<Draenen> – to a table and carefully adjusts something so that it's perfectly aligned; she had finally gotten the nerve together-
[1]<Draenen> – to right the 'mess' Dr. Kupor had made of the room*
[1]<Draenen> (…. That cabinet over there is still stuck closed… I'll work on that another day. Stupid moogle must've broken it.)
[1]<Draenen> *she then takes a deep breath, and starts to move into place a series of floor-to-ceiling screens to effectively–
[1]<Draenen> – make a corridor from the door to the stairs up to her 'attic', so that she doesn't have to keep looking into–
[1]<Draenen> – his room*
[1]<Zetireti> …Transparent, you say…?
[1]<Draenen> Korpus: *the old moogle comes tottering down the steps, holding a letter* Oi. Girl.
[1]<Avina> …yes
[1]<Draenen> … Yuh? *doesn't look over as she continues to hammer the screens into place*
[1]<Avina> *Avina looks up from the coffee table to the Tarutaru and Mithra that she she shares it with.*
[1]<Zetireti> A most perplexing condition, indeed…
<Muriru> I'm afraid this far exceeds the lengths to my white magic knowledge.
[1]<Draenen> Korpus: Letter just came in, kupo.
[1]<Draenen> … What's it say?
[1]<Draenen> Korpus: Dunno. It's not addressed to you, so I can't open it. *he holds out a folded, sealed bit of parchment*
[1]<Avina> *Looks away from Zeti-Reti, leaning on the table.* I know.
[1]<Draenen> *frowns, lowers the hammer, and takes the letter* … It's for…
[1]<Draenen> Korpus: I know, kupo.
[1]<Draenen> … *considers for several long moments, then slips a fingernail under the seal to break it and only partially unfolds–
[1]<Avina> …and I feel like the one thing I can do about it is wait for the Farseer to come back…
[1]<Draenen> – the paper in such a way that she can reseal it in original folds again afterwards. She scans the contents, then–
[1]<Draenen> – opens the letter the rest of the way with a frown* … Oh, for the love of…
[1]<Zetireti> Thataru is odd… that Mirror would know the problem, but wouldn't tell you…
[1]<Avina> There were many things that were odd about our visit… not just that.
[1]<Avina> The two of them will always be an enigma to me…
[1]<Draenen> Korpus: What, girl?
[1]<Avina> It's just… *Blinks, as Yushu drops the tea on herself, and Muriru stands up to go and grab a napkin.*
<Yushu> Aww… this'll neverrr come out. Quick, grab me some moss and Goobbue Sweat Glue!
<Muriru> Thataru won't get the stain out.
<Yushu> No, but it will keep me distracted for several minutes whilst my pants dry. *And without even thinking about it, she stands and removes her pants, which Muri had forced her to wear to look respectable with everyone around, leaving her in her typical subligar bottoms as she proceeds to hand the pants over her chair.*
<Muriru> *Hands Yushu the cloth*
<Yushu> *Proceeds to dry herself with the napkin and take her seat, not on the 'wet patch'.*

[1]<Draenen> … Kenjii's 'bo somehow escaped the stable… but the stablekeep's aren't going to track it down. Someone else has to–
[1]<Draenen> – do it. *she throws the hammer at the stairs in annoyance, then goes to grab her shoes*
[1]<Draenen> *grumbling* Swear to the Goddess.. even in death, he's doing whatever he can to piss me off…
[1]<Draenen> Korpus: You're all over with grime, kupo.
[1]<Draenen> Don't care.
[1]<Draenen> I wanted to get this done with before that meeting, but I guess -someone- wanted entertainment.
[1]<Draenen> I'll be back later. Don't let those cupcakes burn, please?
[1]<Draenen> Korpus: Got it. *and starts trundling back upstairs*
[1]<Draenen> *pulls on her vest, then heads out*
[1]<Draenen> *a short walk later, she arrives at another door and knocks*
[1]<Avina> *Looks back, and gives a yell.* "It's open!"
[1]<Draenen> *opens the door* … Sorry. I wanted to get a project done before I came over… *she steps inside and slides off–
[1]<Draenen> – her shoes*
[1]<Avina> No problem. *She says, giving a short wave.*
Zetireti waves to Draenen.
[1]<Draenen> *waves a bit, then pulls up a chair by the table*
[1]<Avina> *Looks over to Draenen.* Feel free to dig in, things should still be warm.
[1]<Draenen> *grabs an orange, and starts peeling it in one big spiral* Thanks…
[1]<Draenen> … So…
[1]<Draenen> … How's all..?
[1]<Avina> *Sighs.* Doing fine. Waiting for your brother to send the Farseer my way.
[1]<Avina> *She says, leaning forward, rubbing her eyes.*
[1]<Draenen> … Good luck. He's been squirrely as hell with me the past few days…
[1]<Avina> I suppose it gives me time to study… when I'm to set aside the stress a bit…
[1]<Avina> Yeah. *She frowns, and leans back, folding her arms.* He's been all sorts of weird.
[1]<Draenen> *pops a few segments of the orange in her mouth, chews, and swallows* … Well…
[1]<Draenen> … I hate to add some stress to it all, but… *she reaches into a pocket and tosses the letter from the chocobo–
[1]<Avina> Hm?
[1]<Draenen> – stables onto the table*
[1]<Avina> *Avina reaches over and picks it up.* What's this? *She opens it, and starts to read, her eyes widening a bit.*
[1]<Avina> Star Sapphire?
[1]<Draenen> … I'll take care of it on my own, if you'd rather, but chocobos are hard to catch…
[1]<Avina> *Avina sighs, somewhat.* Don't be silly…
[1]<Avina> Heck, I'm the one who bred this bird. *She smiles somewhat.* No wonder its jumping fences…
[1]<Draenen> …. Ah, heh….
[1]<Avina> …it's probably trying to get back to the Far East, have some adventure.
[1]<Draenen> Or it's in it's season. *she shrugs*
[1]<Zetireti> You gonna need a hand? A runaway bird is likely to pump Muriru and I…
[1]<Zetireti> But maybe we can, you know… help spot it.
[1]<Draenen> Would probably be a big help, yeah.
[1]<Avina> *Avina stands up, looking over the letter.* We'll be our very own chocobo corral.
[1]<Avina> Might give some of the new adventurers some insight on what adventuring work is /actually/ like…
[1]<Avina> *She says, with a glance towards Yushu.*
<Muriru> Please… she still doesn'taru know the difference between a Yaguda and a Chocobo.
<Yushu> If I catch it, can I rrrride it?

[1]<Draenen> Heh.
[1]<Avina> *She puts the letter down on the table, eyeing it one last time.* We can't let something happen to his 'bo as well..
[1]<Draenen> *stands up and stretches* Good exercise for the fresh meat. And the newly-out-of-retirement meat? *eyes Muri*
<Muriru> Whataru can I say? The call is undeniable.
[1]<Avina> *Glancing to the others.* I'm going to head upstairs and get my equipment on.
[1]<Avina> So you have a minute to eat. We'll meet by the stables.
[1]<Draenen> Alright. Just give a shout when you're ready. *reaches for another orange*
[1]<Avina> *Nods.*
[1]<Draenen> .. Or that, sure. *and actually pockets some oranges… and a cookie*
[1]<Avina> *As she heads up the stairs, she takes out her linkpearl.*
[1]<Avina> "Toubian, you listening?"
[1]<Toubian> "I am."
[1]<Avina> "Seems we have a task that I can bring you on. We're hunting a lost chocobo. Could use an extra pair of eyes."
[1]<Toubian> "Got it."
[1]<Draenen> *grabs her shoes as she stuffs a second cookie into her mouth, and hops her way out the door as she pulls them on*
[1]<Avina> "We'll meet at the Mines."
[1]<Avina> "At the Chocobo stables."
[1]<Avina> Ahoy~ *She says, lifting up a hand.*
[1]<Toubian> *gives a two-fingered salute with a smile.*
<Muriru> *Gives a polite wave in greeting.*
<Yushu> *Does nothing but walk beside Muri.*

[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Avina> *Avina folds her arms.* Well, with a crew like this…
[1]<Avina> I can't imagine that chocobo is going to stay lost for long.
[1]<Draenen> Let's hope not.
<Muriru> Thataru is of course if I do not lose my apprentice in the meantime.
<Yushu> Heeey, I've gotten betterrr…

[1]<Avina> Alright… let's head out, then.
[1]<Avina> Zopago: Ah… yes, Star Sapphire.
[1]<Avina> Zopago: Thank you for your assistance, then.
[1]<Avina> Zopago: You'll have to go a ways away. The bird escaped during one of its scheduled walks, in the
[1]<Avina> Zopago: Konschtat Highlands.
[1]<Avina> Zopago: The stablekeeps said it was heading for the marshes.
[1]<Avina> The Marshlands…? Way out there, huh…
[1]<Draenen> … *sighs* Alright…
[1]<Avina> *Looks to the others.* Well, let's get going then…
[1]<Draenen> Hopefully, there hasn't been a Ballista match…
[1]<Avina> It's a pretty sharp bird…
[1]<Avina> It'll stay out of too much trouble, I imagine…
[1]<Draenen> I mean more for the footprints.
[1]<Avina> Ah..
[1]<Draenen> Ballista matches tend to tear up the ground.
[1]<Avina> *And so the adventurers arrive in Pashhow Marshlands.*
[1]<Draenen> … Spread out, I suppose?
[1]<Avina> *Nods.*
[1]<Draenen> And Star is… a blue one, right?
[1]<Toubian> *Toubian finds a trail of chocobo footprints going into a narrow path to the west, going into his linkpearl*
[1]<Toubian> "Found some tracks."
[1]<Avina> "Where are you?"
[1]<Toubian> "Near some narrow path at the western edge of the marshlands."
[1]<Draenen> "… I'm nowhere near…"
[1]<Avina> "Do you see the bird?"
[1]<Toubian> "Following the tracks….."
[1]<Avina> *Avina brings her chocobo around, and starts to follow after him.*
[1]<Toubian> "I see some heavy clawings in the mud at this small junction. Must be nearby…"
[1]<Draenen> ".. I'll be there in a few moments…"
[1]<Draenen> *a few moments later, she rides up* …
[1]<Zetireti> *Zeti-Reti looks around.* Looks like the tracks continue west…
[1]<Avina> *Avina kneels down, picking up a feather. She wipes some sludge off of it, and holds it up to the sky.*
[1]<Avina> It's the right hue…
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Draenen> *swings down from her saddle and slaps the 'bo, sending it off*
[1]<Avina> This definitely belongs to Star Sapphire… or at least one that looks a lot like it…
[1]<Toubian> *Toubian crouches down and digs into the mud where the clawings are, finding a broken, grayed-out linkpearl under*
[1]<Draenen> *glances over* Blue 'bo's aren't horribly common, so it's likely. *she crouches down to look at a fresh pair of–
[1]<Toubian> "I found a linkpearl. It's broken and is grayed-out. I can't figure out who it belongs to."
[1]<Avina> *Avina glances to the linkpearl.*
[1]<Draenen> – bootprints in the mud* …
[1]<Draenen> … This place is probably full of broken pearls…
[1]<Avina> *Looks down the direction of the tracks that Zeti-Reti pointed out.* Well, let's keep after it, then.
[1]<Avina> We don't want it to keep getting too far.
<Yushu> I get to ride it back!
<Muriru> I doubtaru you'd be able to handle it…

[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Draenen> *glances up, at then at the footprints she found* … Yeah…
[1]<Draenen> … Let's go…
[1]<Avina> *She says and starts to run after the bird's tracks, trying to run on the more solid surfaces.*
[1]<Toubian> *Follows Avina as he scouts the area around him and the tracks.*
[1]<Avina> *Avina slows as she sees the torn up land.* Damn it…
[1]<Draenen> *trotting behind Avi* …. Yeah… was afraid this'd happen…
[1]<Avina> *Avina kneels down, and then stands up, starting to move slowly through the field, managing to piece together
[1]<Avina> the tracks…*
[1]<Avina> *And eventually she finds her way through the tracks.* They keep going this way! Over here!
[1]<Draenen> *trots to catch up with Avi* …
[1]<Toubian> *follows after Avina to catch up*
[1]<Draenen> *and then looks around, and frowns*
[1]<Sephirya> *after a few minutes of walking, a loud 'Kweh! Kweh! Kwehhh!' echoes through the marsh*
[1]<Avina> That must be her… come on!
[1]<Avina> *Avina runs ahead, coming within sight of the bird.*
[1]<Avina> Star Sapphire!
[1]<Toubian> *follows Avina and smiles*
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Draenen> *folds her arms and glares at the man standing just off to one side of the chocobo* … What are you doing here?
[1]<Draenen> Mirror: … *shrugs, looking very uncomfortable*
[1]<Avina> *As she approaches, she sees Mirror.* …?
[1]<Avina> Mirror?
[1]<Avina> What are you doing here?
[1]<Sephirya> *Star Sapphie stands on top of a hole dug in the mud. In her beak, she's holding -
[1]<Sephirya> - a clump of cloth, mud and moss. The bird is jumping in excitement, and the -
[1]<Sephirya> - object in her beak jingles slightly*
[1]<Avina> *Avina moves towards the bird.* Oi, oi!
[1]<Draenen> Mirror: … I was… riding through and I saw Star go bolting by, unattended. I've been trying to catch her.
[1]<Avina> Don't eat that…!
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Toubian> …What's she have in her mouth…?
[1]<Avina> Some old rag… *Avina grabs hold of it, and the bird refuses to let go of it.*
[1]<Avina> *Avina looks the bo in the eyes.* /Star Sapphire/. Let go of it.
[1]<Sephirya> *Star Sapphire moves its head up and sideways, trying to pull off*
[1]<Toubian> …
[1]<Draenen> *she narrows her eyes at her brother, then looks over at the bird* … Hey, get a rope around her before she bolts again
[1]<Avina> Kenjii may have spoiled you, but you won't get any of that from me. *She says, holding on, not letting go.*
[1]<Avina> *She glares at the chocobo's eyes.*
[1]<Toubian> …..
[1]<Avina> *Sighs, and lets go of the rag.* Fine.
[1]<Avina> I thought this might happen… *She pulls out a tiny case… and opens it, revealing sushi.*
[1]<Sephirya> *Sapphire ruffles her feathers with a proud expression…. and then its attention fixates on Avina*
[1]<Toubian> What is that…?
[1]<Avina> Sushi.
<Yushu> *Eyes the sushi with desire, slowly making an advance*
<Muriru> *tugs on Yushu's tail, pulling her onto her backside.*
<Yushu> Ouch!

[1]<Toubian> *Blinks* Sushi?
[1]<Sephirya> *and it charges for the sushi, letting go of the rag, which flops in the mud*
[1]<Avina> Whoa! *Avina steps back, the case going into the air… if the bird is quick enough, it might snatch the sushi
[1]<Avina> out of the air.*
[1]<Draenen> *looks back at Mirror* … Where the hell have you been the past few days?
[1]<Draenen> Mirror: … Around. Busy. You know how I am.
[1]<Sephirya> *Sapphire takes to the fly and pecks into the case. By a matter of seconds, -…Ø
[1]<Sephirya> - she's squaking in joy, her beak full of sushi.*
<Yushu> *eyes well up with tears to see the food be gobbled up* I wanted some…
[1]<Avina> *Avina smiles somewhat, and folds her arms.* Sheesh.
[1]<Avina> *She glances down towards the piece of cloth… and her eyes narrow first, and then widen.*
[1]<Toubian> *blinks, then smiles, chuckling a bit.*
[1]<Draenen> … Uh-huh.
[1]<Draenen> Mirror: … *just sort of stands there, fidgiting*
[1]<Toubian> *glances to Drae and then to Mirror* So…you two are siblings then?
[1]<Avina> *Avina kneels down, and picks up the muddy keffiyeh.*
[1]<Draenen> … *rolls her eyes, and then looks back at the 'bo. She sighs and pulls off her belt and goes to loop it around Star's-
[1]<Draenen> – neck* … Yeah. He's my older brother.
[1]<Avina> *She stands up, and looks it over… her eyes like she's seen a ghost.*
[1]<Sephirya> *StarSapphire lets Draenen catch her, content with her reward.*
[1]<Draenen> *she catches Avi kneeling out of the corner of her eye* … Hey, Avi? You stay too long down in the mud, you'll..
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Draenen> *squints at what Avi's holding*
[1]<Toubian> *smiles and bows down to Mirror* Nice to meet you.
[1]<Avina> *Avina looks to Draenen, without saying anything. She looks worried.*
[1]<Zetireti> Avina…? Whataru you… *Blinks.*
[1]<Draenen> Mirror: *flicks a glance at Toub, then inclines his head for a moment before returning to his twitching*
[1]<Draenen> … Avi..? *steps over closer, and then down at what she's holding*
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Draenen> … …
[1]<Draenen> … … …
[1]<Toubian> *glances towards the others and goes over to them* ….Are you alright?
[1]<Draenen> … That's…
[1]<Draenen> That's a…
[1]<Avina> *Avina looks back at the cloth, and narrows her eyes. Her eyes flare blue, and she holds it up to her nose, and
[1]<Avina> smells.*
[1]<Toubian> (What…the…?)
[1]<Avina> *She focuses for a couple seconds, and then looks shocked, holding the cloth in her hand.*
[1]<Avina> It's… it's /his/.
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Draenen> *quietly* … Avi…
[1]<Avina> I'm not making this one up, Draenen. *She looks to Draenen, with a 'dead serious' face.*
[1]<Avina> I've been grasping at straws before…
[1]<Toubian> (…His?)
[1]<Avina> But this… this /is/ his…
[1]<Avina> But what is it /doing/ here…?
[1]<Draenen> Avi.
[1]<Draenen> Take a deep breath, please.
[1]<Avina> *Avina glances to Star Sapphire.* …
[1]<Draenen> *and then she reaches for the keffiyeh*
[1]<Toubian> …
[1]<Avina> *Avina might hesitate a moment, but she'd hand it over, and looks to the hole the chocobo had dug.*
[1]<Sephirya> *the chocobo moves its head towards the keffiyeh, not trying to take it, but clearly attracted by the smell*
[1]<Avina> *Looks to Star Sapphire, and then to Draenen.* The chocobo smells him too.
[1]<Draenen> … *she puts herself between the blue ruined silks and the 'bo, and holds it up as if she were fitting it to a head*
[1]<Draenen> (… These are custom-made to each user…)
[1]<Avina> *Avina starts to walk past the group, around a corner, looking for something else.*
[1]<Avina> …
[1]<Draenen> (That's why I was never able to get my hands on a set that would fit me as a disguise…)
[1]<Draenen> (… And this is his size…)
[1]<Draenen> Mirror: … *quietly starts trailing along behind Avina*
[1]<Avina> *Avina steps around a corner, and pauses.* …what the hell is /that/?
[1]<Toubian> ….What?
[1]<Draenen> *looks up, about to say something, and realizes that both Avi and Mirror have moved around the corner, and goes to–
[1]<Zetireti> *Zetireti follows after.* Whataru on Vana'diel…?
[1]<Draenen> – follow* … This makes no sense. Why would this be h– what the hell is that?
[1]<Avina> *The maw lies dormant, wrapped in vines surrounding it.*
<Muriru> *looks in awe or in fear of the Maw in the distance.* I have never-wever seen that before…
<Yushu> Looks ugly. *Doesn't seem phased otherwise. More bored.*

[1]<Avina> It's a ghastly looking thing…
[1]<Draenen> Mirror: *just sort of taps two fingers together, while glancing around at everything except the statue*
[1]<Avina> Could this be one of the Cavernous Maws I've heard about…?
[1]<Toubian> *follows and eyes open wide behind his helm at the sight of the maw* …..Sure looks like a maw to me….
[1]<Draenen> … One of the… what's…?
[1]<Avina> Wait. *Seems to have a revelation.* This has always been here, hasn't it?
[1]<Avina> I remember seeing it… sorta.
[1]<Draenen> Mirror: … *seems to relax at Avi's words* … It's… complicated.
[1]<Avina> *To Mirror.* And the Farseer had books with these in them, too?
[1]<Draenen> Mirror: … He… studied them at one point.
[1]<Avina> *Avina looks back up at the thing, almost mesmerized by it.*
[1]<Avina> *Someone with keen eyes might see the vines shudder a bit.*
<Yushu> *Blinks and looks to Muri* It's alive.
<Muriru> Doesn't look thataru way to me.

[1]<Draenen> … *frowns, and then FROWNS*
[1]<Toubian> ….
[1]<Draenen> *she flicks open the map case on her hip, rifles through, and then pulls out a map* …
[1]<Sephirya> *StarSapphire tenses up, and tries to pull away from Draenen*
[1]<Avina> *Avina looks back behind her, seeing the birds fear.* …
[1]<Draenen> … Why isn't this marke–GAH! *she gets pulled off-balance, and she's forced to make the decision between–
[1]<Draenen> – letting go of the bird, droppign the keffiyeh, or dropping her map*
[1]<Toubian> …..Avina…..I'm getting a bad feeling about this…..
[1]<Draenen> *she lets the first and formost happen*
[1]<Avina> *Avina glances back up to the Maw.*
[1]<Sephirya> *StarSapphire rushes off*
[1]<Avina> Yeah…
[1]<Avina> We should probably go…
[1]<Toubian> Yes…
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Avina> *Avina turns, and starts to walk away.* C-c'mon…
[1]<Draenen> Mirror: Avi.
[1]<Avina> Mirror?
[1]<Avina> *The area around them begins to shift into an orange hue… and the maw no longer is dormant, but active, floating.*
[1]<Toubian> Everyone……!
[1]<Avina> *The maw floats high, aiming upwards at first as it spews forth void darkness.*
<Yushu> I told you it was alive, I told you!
[1]<Draenen> … What the hell?
[1]<Avina> *Avina starts to reach for her sword, but then the maw seems to turn its attention towards them…*
<Muriru> Oh no… I think it's maaad!
[1]<Draenen> Mirror: … *turns to look at the maw and freezes, possibly in shock*
[1]<Draenen> … Oh, that doesn't sound friendly!
[1]<Avina> *The Maw turns towards them, and begins sucking in, pulling the adventurers towards it.*
[1]<Avina> Zeti-Reti: W-whataru is it doing!?
[1]<Avina> Grab hold of something…!
<Muriru> *Swiftly draws her sword, and stabs it into the floor to use as a handle to keep herself steady*
<Yushu> *Has a harder time and ends up slooowly but surely heading towards the Maw. she doesn't even think to use her weapons to help*

[1]<Avina> *She struggles to hold her footing in the mud.*
[1]<Draenen> *she drops down to the ground, grabbing at anything as she starts to slide* … The HELL?! *she pulls a knife–
[1]<Draenen> – from her hip and stabs it into the mud.. which doesn't offer much of a purchase as she continues to slide*
[1]<Toubian> What the?! *draws his great axe and plants it onto the ground, using it as a foothold, but still sliding a bit.*
[1]<Avina> *It seems inevitable that they will be sucked in… until nothing happens at all. The orange hue vanishes.*
[1]<Avina> *And the maw lies dormant once more.*
<Yushu> *flops down into the ground and pants tiredly.*
<Muriru> *pulls her blade from the ground, flicks it downwards to remove much of the followed mud and grabs a cloth to clean up the rest before sheathing.*

[1]<Avina> … *Blinks.*
[1]<Toubian> …….That was…bizzare….
[1]<Avina> Zeti: What… was thataru…?
[1]<Draenen> Mirror: …
[1]<Avina> *And then they all begin to glow…*
[1]<Avina> *And before even having a chance to react, they turn into white glowing spheres… and are sucked into
[1]<Avina> the dormant maw.*
[1]<Draenen> Mirror: *just before he turns into a mote of light, there is a quick bluish flash of light from the middle of his chest*
[1]<Avina> *The group finds themselves in a dark realm… the Walk of Echoes…*
[1]<Avina> *Avina holds her forehead.* What in the… *She looks up, seeing a towering castle like thing before her.*
[1]<Toubian> …. *looks around holding out his great axe* …..Where are we…?
<Yushu> I'm gonna… just stay on the floor here…
[1]<Draenen> *groans, getting to her feet*
[1]<Draenen> … I think my liver got left behind…
[1]<Avina> Dynamis…?
[1]<Avina> Zeti-Reti: No… notaru Dynamis…
[1]<Avina> *Looks around.* Mirror? Mirror!
[1]<Avina> Zeti-Reti: …guys…
[1]<Avina> *Zeti-Reti is staring up to the massive maw in the sky.*
[1]<Avina> Zeti: I think you should see this…
[1]<Toubian> *looks upward to see the maw* ……We're….inside the maw…?
[1]<Draenen> … *looks from the same thing Zeti is staring at to Avi, and then looks around as well for Mirror* …
[1]<Draenen> What the hell…
[1]<Avina> That… doesn't look good…
[1]<Draenen> *and then looks back up at the 'sky'* … That thing is huge…
[1]<Draenen> Did we get shrunk?
[1]<Avina> I feel like the size is the least of our worries, now…
<Muriru> So… we gotaru eaten?
[1]<Avina> *Looks around at the darkened trees.*
[1]<Avina> We're on floating islands…
[1]<Draenen> … It's the easier problem for me to wrap my head around right now…
[1]<Avina> *A metallic voice drifts towards them.*
[1]<Toubian> *looks downward towards the void.* ……
[1]<Avina> ???: …so awfully busy… is spinning… Perhaps a trifle tired… the journey…
[1]<Draenen> And I'm trying to avoid thinking about the fact that, YES, we are floating…
[1]<Avina> *Looks back, towards where the voice is coming from.*
[1]<Avina> Who goes there!?
[1]<Avina> ???: Ah.. so blue… Perhaps… some help… better…?
[1]<Toubian> *goes into a stance facing where the voice is coming from* Show yourself!
[1]<Avina> ???: Even if there was one kindly soul to aid me in this endeavor, still…
[1]<Avina> *Seemingly talking to them.*
[1]<Avina> ???: Oh, you deign to agree?
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Avina> *Avina reaches out.* It's coming from right… *And a blue spark appears.*
[1]<Avina> ???: Aha! Why stop at one person? Why not ask two, or perhaps even three…?
[1]<Avina> *Pulls her hand back, as the blue sparking increases right before them, growing in intensity.*
[1]<Avina> Zeti: A-Avina, whataru did you…
[1]<Avina> I didn't do anything…
[1]<Toubian> ……
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Draenen> … Guys…
[1]<Avina> *It swells, greater, and greater, until it explodes, throwing all the adventurers over the cliff and into the void.*
[1]<Avina> …!
[1]<Draenen> Don't.. mov– *gets hit with the explosion*
[1]<Avina> *And they fall… hitting something that feels like liquid, before everything grows dark…*
[1]<Toubian> (Damn it…!)
[1]<Avina> *The adventurers lie, unconscious/passed out, before the maw.*
[1]<Avina> Barnabas: Captain Lysander! Look! Another one of those monstosities!
[1]<Avina> Lysander: So, we have a maw in Battalia Downs now, too…
[1]<Avina> *A group of soldiers make their way over towards the adventurers, eyeing them under the maw.*
[1]<Avina> Lysander: Are those… people?
[1]<Draenen> … *groans, less-than-half-concious, and mutters somethign about meat popsicles*
[1]<Avina> Lysander: Men! Quickly! *He rushes towards the adventurers, and the soldiers take to shaking them awake.*
[1]<Avina> *Avina shakes her head, groaning, looking up at the sky.*
[1]<Avina> *Someone is sitting Zeti-Reti up, he looks around.*
[1]<Avina> Zeti: Oh, hell, hi there… *Blinks, looking at the area around him.*
[1]<Draenen> … *slaps at the hands touching her*
[1]<Avina> *The soldiers back away from Draenen.*
<Yushu> *Is MORE than happy to be assisted to her feet, before dusting herself.*
<Muriru> *Sits up somewhere near Zeti and shakes her head.* Anyone get the number of that flare spell..?

[1]<Avina> *Avina sits up, blinking.* Where…?
[1]<Avina> *She looks up at the sky.* …
[1]<Toubian> *slowly turns around so that he is laying down facing the sky, then slowly gets himself up, groaning*
[1]<Draenen> *and then rolls onto her side, and stares up at the Maw* … Ohshit…
[1]<Avina> Barnabas: This place wouldn't be my first choice for naptime…
[1]<Avina> Alystair: Uh…!
[1]<Avina> Alystair: You aren't a Jeunoan soldier… state your name and rank!
[1]<Avina> *The man draws his weapon.*
[1]<Avina> What…?
[1]<Draenen> … *looks at the soldiers* … Wha..?
[1]<Toubian> …..Huh?
[1]<Avina> Lysander: At ease, Corporal. They don't exactly seem the biting time.
[1]<Avina> ::Type::
[1]<Avina> Lysander: What happened, friends? Hit your head or something?
[1]<Toubian> *looks towards the soldiers*
[1]<Draenen> … Let's go with 'something'… *she sits fully up, and groans again*
[1]<Avina> Barnabas: Altana only knows what you were doing out here, but you better head to the safety of town.
[1]<Avina> Alystair: Sergeant Barnabas. Civilian entrance to Jeuno is currently restricted.
[1]<Avina> *Avina looks up, flinching confusedly.*
[1]<Avina> Restricted…?
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Avina> Barnabas: Then you'll have to settle for the Eldieme Necropolis instead.
[1]<Draenen> … Whaat..?
[1]<Avina> Barnabas: It's to the south of here, and you'll find a tunnel heading inside.
[1]<Avina> The… The Necropolis…?
[1]<Toubian> *gets back up slowly, stumbling a bit as he removes his helm, revealing his whitish-blonde hair.*
[1]<Draenen> … Safe..? That place..?
[1]<Avina> Alystair: *Seems panicked.* Sergeant!
[1]<Avina> Barnabas: Well, be careful wandering around the Battalia Downs in any case. It isn't safe.
[1]<Avina> Yeah… I know. We can… handle an Orc or two, really…
[1]<Avina> Lysander: On your way, civilian.
[1]<Avina> *Avina slowly gets to her feet.*
[1]<Avina> Barnabas: Should we return to Jeuno and report, Captain?
[1]<Toubian> *extends a hand, offering to help Avina regain balance*
[1]<Avina> Lysander: Yes. Archduke Kam'lanaut must be informed of the existence of this new maw.
[1]<Draenen> ….
[1]<Avina> *Avina stands up, and looks back at the maw.*
[1]<Zetireti> Since when has Jeuno been aggressively patrolling like thataru…?
[1]<Zetireti> *Shakes his head* Well, I suppose it's to our benefit…
<Muriru> That was wierd…
[1]<Draenen> *stares at the soldiers, like she just heard something bizarre*
[1]<Avina> *Avina stares up at the Maw.*
[1]<Toubian> *glances towards Avina* Avina…?
[1]<Draenen> The… Archduke?
[1]<Avina> That place we were in… is… *Blinks and looks over towards Draenen.*
[1]<Avina> *And her face grows grim… and she looks out towards greater area of Batallia… her eyes catching something strange
[1]<Toubian> Where are you going…?
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Avina> The fortifications…
[1]<Draenen> … That's… new…
[1]<Avina> *Avina looks back to the Maw, and back out.*
[1]<Avina> I… I could've sworn…
[1]<Toubian> …..
[1]<Toubian> *puts his helm back on as he scouts out the immediate area.*
[1]<Avina> Aggressive rebuilding…?
[1]<Draenen> … Maybe..?
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Draenen> Is… Jeuno about to attack?
[1]<Toubian> Something doesn't feel right…
[1]<Avina> I don't know…
[1]<Draenen> ???: *from a distance* Heeeey…!
[1]<Avina> *Looks back at the Maw.*
[1]<Avina> Let's just… get back to Pashho– *She pauses, and looks towards the voice.*
[1]<Toubian> *looks towards the voice as well* Who's there?!
[1]<Draenen> *a figure in a familiar white coat comes running up and over the hill, waving a hand*
[1]<Avina> Farseer…?
[1]<Avina> *Avina starts running towards the hill.*
[1]<Toubian> ….Who's that…?
[1]<Draenen> F: *stops a few paces away from the group, his hands on his knees as he pants* … Ugh… I don't know what happened…
[1]<Avina> Wait…
[1]<Avina> …Mirror?
[1]<Draenen> F: …
[1]<Draenen> *the man seems to hesitate for several long moments, then glances down at his sleeve*
[1]<Avina> *Blinks, tilting her head.* When did you change clothes…?
[1]<Draenen> F: … Must've… happened when I came through the maw. Some sort of weird magic, maybe.
[1]<Toubian> *narrows his eyes a bit*
[1]<Draenen> F: … Kenjii used to say I had bad fashion choices. Maybe he got some deity to agree and pull this…
[1]<Avina> Maybe… this is already turning into a strange day…
[1]<Draenen> F: … I wonder what the "Avatar of Fashion" would look like…
[1]<Sephirya> *a black arrow hisses through the air and stabs the ground, just a span short of hitting Draenen's head*
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Avina> …look out!
[1]<Draenen> *stares wide-eyed at the arrow for all of a moment, then runs for the wall*
[1]<Sephirya> *as the adventurers look in the direction in which the arrow came, they will see an orc archer on top of the hill to -
[1]<Sephirya> - southwest, already preparing the next arrow in their direction*
[1]<Avina> Quick! Into this fortification!
[1]<Avina> *She peers over the edge of the fortification.* That Orc is a bloody good shot…
[1]<Sephirya> *the orc pulls his bow, and then…. it's blasted by a cannon shot, coming from the fortified wall behind the -
[1]<Draenen> … *she scoots along the wall, careful to keep herself protected by it*
[1]<Sephirya> - the adventurers, rising smoke and dust*
<Yushu> That was awesome!
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Toubian> *looks towards the nearby cannon* …
[1]<Sephirya> *as the dust begins to settle, they can see more orcs fading in from the other side of the hill..two… five…*
[1]<Sephirya> *a dozen, and then more, and then, warmachines*
<Yushu> That's not so awesome…
[1]<Draenen> … Holy…
[1]<Avina> Holy hell…
[1]<Avina> *Looks back at the cannon fire.*
[1]<Avina> What is Jeuno doing…?
[1]<Sephirya> *another cannon shots from behind them, and another again. Some orcs are struck, but the march is relentless*
[1]<Sephirya> *the adventurers are literally standing between the two sides*
[1]<Draenen> … I dunno, but I didn't think the orcs had those numbers anymore…
[1]<Draenen> .. Or those machines…
[1]<Toubian> *eyes open wide* ……….It looks like…..a war is being fought…..
[1]<Toubian> Some sort of battle is happening at least.
[1]<Sephirya> What are you doing here!?
[1]<Sephirya> Aaron?
[1]<Avina> But when did…? *Glances over, hearing the voice.*
[1]<Draenen> F: And, we're sitting very nicely between the two forc– *turns and looks*
[1]<Draenen> (… Aaron..?)
[1]<Sephirya> *a woman in a red cloak runs in, looking around*
[1]<Sephirya> Oh… you're not…
[1]<Draenen> F: … I'm not Aaron, no.
[1]<Avina> We…
[1]<Toubian> *draws his axes towards the red cloak* Who are you?
<Muriru> Easy, Jitterbug…
[1]<Sephirya> *jumps at another shot* N-nevermind…! We've got to go! HURRY!
Sephirya waves.
[1]<Sephirya> This way, before we're hit!
[1]<Draenen> F: Follow her. *he grabs Draen's arm and starts tugging her*
[1]<Toubian> *nods to the others as he follows*
<Muri & Yushu> *Follow along as well, keeping low and alert for stray shots or other hostile things*
[1]<Draenen> … Ow, ow! You don't have to drag me..!
[1]<Sephirya> Come on…!
[1]<Sephirya> *she runs past a pixie, that stares at them for a moment*
Sephirya looks at the Goblin Pioneer, shocked!
Sephirya looks at the Goblin Corpsman, shocked!
[1]<Sephirya> *strafes between beastmen and monsters*
[1]<Sephirya> *rushes to a tunnel, and knocks on the door*
[1]<Sephirya> ….Ahhhh! I think this one's locked…
[1]<Avina> *Nearly runs straight into the door.*
[1]<Sephirya> Uhhh….
[1]<Sephirya> THIS WAY!
[1]<Avina> …Locked?
[1]<Avina> H-hey… wait..!
[1]<Draenen> F: *yelling to the woman* By the coast..!
[1]<Avina> Mandragora…?
[1]<Sephirya> *rushes past lycopodiums, who stare, and decide to follow along*
<Yushu> They're adorable, can I keep one?!
[1]<Toubian> (What's going on?)
[1]<Sephirya> *for a little, at least…*
[1]<Sephirya> There…!
[1]<Sephirya> Thorben: Madame! I was getting worried. We got intel of a new attack from the west!
[1]<Sephirya> I know, I know…
[1]<Draenen> *finally wrenches her arm free of Mirror's grasp* … Ow! You ass, you bruised me…
[1]<Sephirya> Thorben: Please, go in.
Sephirya nods.
[1]<Avina> *Avina looks up at the door before heading in…*
[1]<Toubian> *heads in*
[1]<Sephirya> *lowers her hood with a huff*
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Draenen> *loooks around*
[1]<Sephirya> That was close… quie a few too many times.
[1]<Toubian> *looks around as he walks*
[1]<Avina> *Blinks.* …
[1]<Sephirya> *she turns to look at the others* Was it not?
[1]<Draenen> (This place… looks like it's in good shape…)
[1]<Avina> Uh-huh… yeah, sure…
[1]<Toubian> Alright….mind telling us what's happening?
[1]<Draenen> … Uh… yeah…
[1]<Sephirya> *behind the woman, others might notice fresh flowers placed on the graves*
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Sephirya> *looks at Toubian* …What do you mean, what's happening?
[1]<Sephirya> *she observes their armors* …Are you… from Bastok..?
[1]<Draenen> *Whispers by Avi and Zeti* '… The sarcophagi are intact…'
[1]<Avina> *Avina looks to Draenen… and then to Sephirya.* A-ah, yes…
[1]<Draenen> F: *nods*
[1]<Avina> We all are, in fact…
[1]<Sephirya> *smiles* I could tell by the accent.
<Yushu> Well, actually, I'm from…
<Muriru> *Gives Yushu a nudge with her elbow.*

[1]<Toubian> …
[1]<Sephirya> Who deployed you here?
[1]<Avina> Deployed…?
[1]<Avina> Well…
Avina looks away from Sephirya, lost in thought.
[1]<Avina> He have gotten a bit… off track from our original objective.
[1]<Avina> We were looking for a lost chocobo, you see.
[1]<Sephirya> *chuckles* You got lost..? I understand. Happens to me allll the time….
[1]<Sephirya> …By the way, did you happen to see someone else out there? A young man, and a little girl, maybe?
[1]<Toubian> I don't believe we have…
<Yushu> Muriru is little, does she count?
[1]<Avina> Ah… no.
Sephirya sulks.
[1]<Sephirya> I see…
[1]<Draenen> … *shakes her head* …. All we've seen are a few other soldiers…
[1]<Avina> *She seems like she's seen a girl, and steps forward, looking around.*
[1]<Sephirya> I suppose that's fair…
[1]<Sephirya> Well, let's take you to Turbulent Storm. He'll know where you were meant to go, I'm sure.
[1]<Sephirya> Storm…!
[1]<Avina> …
[1]<Avina> Y-yes. Of course…
[1]<Sephirya> Turbulent Storm: My lady…!
[1]<Sephirya> Turbulent Storm: I was worried you would choose to stay out there in the middle of the assault.
[1]<Sephirya> Now, now… I am not that brave…
[1]<Sephirya> Um… these squires here, I think they lost their way from town.
[1]<Sephirya> Something about a chocobo.
[1]<Avina> Turbulent Storm: Hm… They don't look like one of ours.
[1]<Sephirya> Oh?
[1]<Avina> We're adventurers…
[1]<Sephirya> *looks at the group*
[1]<Avina> Storm: Adventurers? ISn't that rich! Off chasing pixies while we're here dying in the trenches.
[1]<Avina> Storm: Why not make yourself useful for a change?
[1]<Avina> Pixies…?
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Sephirya> ….There is no need to put it like that…
[1]<Avina> A-ah… well… sure.
[1]<Avina> How… would you suggest we do that?
[1]<Sephirya> *smiles* There is a lot one can help with around here.
[1]<Avina> Storm: What do you know? THere may be something worth salvaging under that fancy armor of yours.
[1]<Avina> Fancy…?
[1]<Sephirya> Bringing flowers to the graves, tending to the injured, praying –
[1]<Draenen> F: … *might be tapping one foot in impatience*
[1]<Toubian> …
[1]<Avina> Storm: Alright. The Republican Legion's Fourth Division is currently undergoing some restructuring, and they're
[1]<Avina> Storm: accepting applications for new recruits. Hold on while I write up you all a letter of recommendation.
[1]<Sephirya> …I suppose that works, too…..
[1]<Draenen> … The… what-now..?
[1]<Avina> I think we are actually– *Watches as the man walks off.*
<Muriru> …We just signed up to an army, didn't we..?
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Sephirya> ….He's always like that. Practical to a fault, the good old Storm.
[1]<Avina> …
[1]<Avina> Storm: *Eventually returns.* Here.
[1]<Avina> STorm: Take this to Centurion Ailbrecht in Bastok.
[1]<Avina> Storm: You'll probably have to pass a few aptitude tests before they give you your stripes, but the Republic can't
[1]<Avina> Storm: afford to toss away meat before putting it in the grinder, so don't worry too much about failing.
[1]<Avina> Storm: And that's it. …and by "it," I mean that's all I can help you with. You're still left one hell of a trip.
[1]<Toubian> Trip?
[1]<Avina> Storm: The roads to Bastok are crawling with ruthless beastman scouts just itching to add another notch to their axe
[1]<Avina> Storm: If you get spotted, you can always play the brave lot and fight the scum, but the Republic needs live soldier
[1]<Draenen> …
[1]<Avina> Storm: soldiers, not ones in body bags. Turn tail and run away, live to kill another day–that's my motto.
[1]<Avina> *And he starts laughing…*
<Yushu> That sounds reasonable.
[1]<Toubian> …..(What a motto…)
[1]<Sephirya> Right. *she pulls her hood back up* I probably should go back outside, now.
[1]<Sephirya> Turbulent Storm: *stops laughing, and sternly looks at the woman* No, madame. You are to return to Bastok
[1]<Sephirya> Turbulent Storm: I was given order to have you teleported there soon as you'd return.
[1]<Sephirya> But… *frowns, and stomps one foot* I have to look for my brother..!
[1]<Draenen> F: …
[1]<Sephirya> He's really, really sick, and all alone! I know he was sighted here last, surely–-
[1]<Sephirya> Turbulent Storm: T'is the Praefectus' orders, madame.
[1]<Sephirya> ….
[1]<Sephirya> *her shoulders slump a bit*
[1]<Toubian> Brother…?
[1]<Sephirya> Turbulent Storm: Please speak to our white mage in the back. He is waiting for you.
[1]<Sephirya> ….. *glances at the adventurers* …Yes, Aaron. He's my younger brother… he…
Sephirya sighs dejectedly.
[1]<Sephirya> ….I'll come look another day…
Sephirya smiles warmly at Avina.
[1]<Sephirya> It was nice to meet you, anyway. Be seeing you in Bastok.
[1]<Draenen> F: … We'll keep an eye out for him. *he tilts his head a bit* … You mistook me for him, yes?
[1]<Avina> Ah, yes… of course.
[1]<Sephirya> *gives a brief nod to the Farseer* …Yes, but I think his hair is not that long, even now…
[1]<Sephirya> *she pulls out a purse, and hands it over to Avina* Here. Take these. They will be nice to have -
[1]<Sephirya> - on your journey.
[1]<Avina> *Blinks.* What are these…?
[1]<Draenen> F: And he probably doesn't braid it, and he probably doesn't have marks on his face.
[1]<Sephirya> I made them myself. They were for Aaron, it's his favorite. Dried rolanberries.
Sephirya nods to Avina.
[1]<Avina> Oh… okay. Well, thank… you.
[1]<Avina> *She seems… overwhelmed…*
[1]<Sephirya> Enjoy them. *she smiles to them all, and as she turns to leave, her expression saddens quickly*
[1]<Draenen> *she suddenly twitches, and then grabs her head as she bends over forward, almost double*
[1]<Draenen> *and then she drops to her knees*
[1]<Avina> Draenen…?
[1]<Toubian> Draenen…?!
<Muriru> Oh my… *looks genuinely worried.*
[1]<Draenen> F: *reaches down and grabs ahold of one of Draen's shoulders* … Breathe. Just breathe through it.
[1]<Zetireti> …Avina. We… we should talk.
[1]<Draenen> … *she shudders and lets out a sound that's between a whimper and a moan*
[1]<Toubian> What's going on…?!
[1]<Draenen> F: … It's nothing to worry about.
[1]<Draenen> F: *he then does something perhaps both improbably and impossible… and actually works Draen onto his back to carry–
[1]<Draenen> – her piggyback* … Talk and walk. We've limited time.
[1]<Zetireti> Avina…
[1]<Zetireti> Something isn't… right.
[1]<Toubian> *narrows his eyes* You feel something off as well?
[1]<Avina> I know…
[1]<Avina> Look, we need to get to Pashhow Marshlands. That's where this all started…
[1]<Avina> That maw did something…
[1]<Avina> The bridge to Rolanberry Fields is close…
[1]<Avina> C'mon…
[1]<Avina> What…?
[1]<Toubian> More fortifications….
[1]<Avina> I was just here not too long ago….
[1]<Avina> How quickly did Jeuno put these up…?
<Muriu> We would have been out for… days…
[1]<Toubian> …..
[1]<Toubian> Avina we should keep going.
[1]<Avina> …c'mon… Passhow will be this way…
[1]<Avina> *The adventurers run through Rolanberry Fields, dodging the massive potholes from cannon fire.*
[1]<Avina> *Finally, the adventurers arrive, after a long trek, at the maw that started it all
[1]<Zetireti> …
[1]<Avina> There it is…
[1]<Zetireti> Avina… even it looks different…
[1]<Zetireti> Everything… everything we've gone past… looks completely different…
[1]<Zetireti> There is no way that the vegetation grew so much in this amountaru of time…
[1]<Toubian> ……………
[1]<Draenen> F: …
[1]<Avina> I know.
[1]<Draenen> *mumbles, still on the man's back* … Jus' put me down, will you..?
[1]<Avina> *She looks down.* That's why you all are going back.
[1]<Zetireti> Going back!?
[1]<Zetireti> Whataru do you mean…?
[1]<Toubian> What do you mean?!
Toubian questions Avina.
<Yushu> I'm fine with that.
<Muriru> *Gives Yushu a stern look*

[1]<Avina> *Avina shakes her head…*
[1]<Draenen> F: *raises an eyebrow*
[1]<Avina> Look…
[1]<Avina> That keffiyeh belongs to Kenjii. I've never been more sure of it…
[1]<Avina> If he went through this thing…
[1]<Toubian> …
[1]<Avina> Then that means that he could be /here/.
[1]<Avina> …wherever this 'here' is…
[1]<Toubian> (But he died…)
[1]<Toubian> Avina…
[1]<Zetireti> Avina… I-I know whataru you are thinking, but…
[1]<Avina> …we have his keffiyeh, but no body.
[1]<Draenen> F: *still carrying Draen* And you think you're going to be able to find him all by yourself..?
[1]<Avina> And a broken linkpearl…
[1]<Avina> *She cringes, hearing Mirror's words, and turns.*
[1]<Toubian> …….
[1]<Avina> *She frowns.* I'd… I'd try…
[1]<Toubian> ….I'm not letting you try alone.
[1]<Avina> I've dragged my friends to hell and back.
[1]<Avina> I'm not putting you all through this.
[1]<Avina> Draenen's already hurt…
[1]<Draenen> *mumbling* It's just a stupid headache…
[1]<Avina> Well… whatever.
[1]<Avina> But if you go through that, maybe you can get home. And when I find him, I'll bring him back, too.
[1]<Toubian> Avina….I've promised to shadow you, and that is a promise I am not intending to break any time soon…
<Yushu> Well, I'll be off then. *Starts walking towards the maw, but Muriru tugs on her tail again and she is once more on her ass.* Aaahhh!
<Muriru> Yeah, we're notaru going anywhere.

[1]<Draenen> F: *he eyes the maw* … And what makes you think they can go through there to 'get back'..?
[1]<Draenen> F: What if they end up somewhere 'else' every time they go through?
[1]<Avina> *Looks to Toubian and then to Mirror.* …
[1]<Draenen> … I'm stayin', Avi.
[1]<Draenen> Kenjii made me promise to keep an eye on you… *she prods her brother's back* … Put me down, -please-?
[1]<Avina> Draenen…
[1]<Avina> Look, I don't want anyone else getting hurt on my account anymore…
[1]<Toubian> You're not alone on this one. You have us to support you.
[1]<Avina> I couldn't bear it.
[1]<Avina> Too often I've dragged you all with me on these things.
[1]<Toubian> …
[1]<Zetireti> You know we could've always refused, Avina…
[1]<Draenen> .. Oh, get -over- yourself, Avi. *she flails and finally gets free of Farseer*
[1]<Draenen> We could've ref– *points at Zeti* What he said.
[1]<Draenen> F: *grunts, and rubs at his chest– somehow, Draen had managed to kick him*
[1]<Zetireti> I think whataru she /means/ to say is…
[1]<Zetireti> We want to go.
<Yushu> Home, that is.
<Muriru> *Slaps Yushu upside the head.* We're with you on this!

[1]<Zetireti> And she has a headache, so it might not be wise to argue…
[1]<Toubian> *opens up the visor on his helm to show his eyes, and gives a look and nod to Avina.*
Toubian nods to Avina.
[1]<Draenen> Right. Sure, you've forced us to do some dumb things, but the dumb things tended to be harmless. Everything else, we–
[1]<Draenen> – went along because it was our choice. Or… y'know… been situations where walking away would've meant the end of–
[1]<Draenen> – the world.
[1]<Avina> *Blinks, and looks at Toubian and Yushu.* I don't think they know about all that…
[1]<Avina> But… *She smiles briefly and shakes her head.*
[1]<Avina> Fine. *Folds her arms.*
[1]<Draenen> Well, now they know. Which means I can start telling them horror stories.
[1]<Toubian> …
<Yushu> I don't like horror stories.
<Muriru> Oh you don'taru even know the half of it.

[1]<Avina> Seems you've all taken up some of my worst qualities.
[1]<Toubian> Worst…?
[1]<Avina> Anyways… to Bastok.
[1]<Draenen> You have a tendency to grow on people.
[1]<Draenen> *in a sweetly-snarky tone that the uninitiated would probably take as a nasty comment* Like fungus.
[1]<Avina> Or a hex.
[1]<Avina> Depends on who you ask.
[1]<Draenen> That too.
[1]<Avina> Konschtat Highlands should be this way. *She says, pointing.*
[1]<Draenen> Long as the hex doesn't land me with male parts again, I'm fine with it though.
<Muriru> Wait, what? *Blinks at Draenen*
[1]<Avina> Once we get to Bastok… we should be able to get our bearings and figure out what is going on…
[1]<Toubian> Remember the amaryllis, Avina. *smiles as he looks onward*
[1]<Avina> Right…
[1]<Avina> Let's see what this strange Vana'diel is going to throw at us next…
[1]<Draenen> F: … *clears his throat a bit* Ah…

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