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This melee gear was created for the members of the Gafrahl line, who train the Imperial family in the ways of hand-to-hand fighting. The gear's power is designed to flow between each individual part of the suit, so that the wearer can only harness the true power of Pahluwan Kazaghand by equipping every piece of the set.

This equipment is used by an elite unit of mages in the eastern half of the Aht Urhgan Empire. In order not to burden the wearer, the Yigit Gomlek is designed to gradually draw small amounts of magical power from each part of the armor and concentrate it all in one place. Equipping the entire set of armor will provide its wearer with a nearly infinite pool of magical power to draw from.

This Near Eastern two-handed axe is so exquisitely decorated with the lightweight precious metal scintillant ore, it shines even brighter than pure gold. The Amood's three blades allow its bearer to easily move and swing the weapon for repeated hits, improving upon a weakness of most axes in its class. Due to its versatility and strength, the Amood can be used effectively in all sorts of battles.

This Near Eastern spear is characterized by its four gleaming blades which allow its bearer to pierce, slash, pull, or pin the enemy down. However, it requires a great deal of strength to use the Mezraq to its maximum ability in battle.

The hilt of this fine Near Eastern dagger is made from a polished marid tusk and features luxurious etchings of scintillant ore and jewels. The wings gracing the Jambiya's blade embody a type of magical power that endows the weapon with potency beyond that of a regular steel dagger.

This legendary sword was said to be forged in the fires of the underworld. There are records of a demon general using the Algol during the Great War, causing wounds that emitted sparks until his victims perished in agony.
To be an interesting, intriguing, well-written character, there needs to be something to allow the audience to relate to them. That is what the problem is with who wants their character to be "perfect". Perfect characters will never be strong, and strong characters will never be perfect, because WE (those who read, who watch, who RP) are not perfect.

"What makes a strong character is how they deal with their flaws, their fears, their turmoils, their troubles that get in the way. That's what makes them relatable." – Doug Walker

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