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Orcish Trooper

Specializing in subversive activities, Orcish troopers have acquired enough skills to set out on solitary missions for the Empire.

Orcish Bowshooter

These beastmen are ranged weapon experts who are chosen from among the best archers in the Orcish horde. They receive specialized training in hitting man-sized targets and are said to never miss their mark.

Orcish Gladiator

These masters of the blade are pitted against each other in the blood-soaked Orcish arenas. They are occasionally drafted for military service.

Goblin Pathfinder

These Goblins set out in search of treasure hidden within the ruins and caves of Vana'diel. Pathfinders consider adventurers to be their rivals, and are known to attack without any provocation.

Orcish Footsoldier

These infantry units are sent on extended military expeditions and possess extraordinary stamina. Unlike most other Orcish soldiers, they are well supplied with equipment and provisions.

Goblin Furrier

These fur traders travel to the various beastmen towns to peddle their wares. They are particularly welcomed by the Orcs who make their bases in the colder regions of Vana'diel.
To be an interesting, intriguing, well-written character, there needs to be something to allow the audience to relate to them. That is what the problem is with who wants their character to be "perfect". Perfect characters will never be strong, and strong characters will never be perfect, because WE (those who read, who watch, who RP) are not perfect.

"What makes a strong character is how they deal with their flaws, their fears, their turmoils, their troubles that get in the way. That's what makes them relatable." – Doug Walker

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