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169 weeks ago

Entry 9

The research of the Vana'diel Tribune essays didn't bring any satisfactory result. However, there were findings worth of note since the apparition of the building in the Arrapago Reef.

I had believed the place to be the illusory work of the ninjutsu the corsair I have caught was able to use, but since she is not long dead, I have to review my theory. Could this building be the Palace of Sleep the notes speak of? If so, how did it appear out of nowhere, in such an hostile habitat, and would Agent Midwinter be there even today?

I have returned from a first patrol of the place, and I have to say it seems quite physical despite its eerie appearance. As recommended, I withdrew soon as I found some reliable evidence.

It appears to be the first half of a small book bound in black karakul leather, with red pages written in a silvery ink. The heading on the first page seems to give away its belonging as the personal notebook of the lost novelist, Mr. Severian.

There is a scrap of journal between the pages, a rather old essay of a Middle-Lands specific newspaper, the Tarutaru Times. It mentions the Five Terrestrial Avatars, and some kind of relics related to them.

To be an interesting, intriguing, well-written character, there needs to be something to allow the audience to relate to them. That is what the problem is with who wants their character to be "perfect". Perfect characters will never be strong, and strong characters will never be perfect, because WE (those who read, who watch, who RP) are not perfect.

"What makes a strong character is how they deal with their flaws, their fears, their turmoils, their troubles that get in the way. That's what makes them relatable." – Doug Walker

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