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Official requests received to us from external clients.
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Hunt 12: Bugs Ought Only Buzz!
313 weeks ago
by Blue KJ
Any interesting happenings received by us either internally or externally.
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The Legend of the Subligar Man
234 weeks ago
by Blue KJ
To build a positive reputation with the community, please post any low-paying or volunteer requests for the group here.
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Reporter Wanted! - The Knight of Blood and the Wizard of Fog.
314 weeks ago
by Blue KJ
Anything else that isn't explicitly listed here…
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A Letter from Papa!
297 weeks ago
Requests for help from members, by members, to assist with an activity.
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331 weeks ago
by Avina
Other in-character materials
Other posts, images, etc, that are not posted to the company board that serve an in-character purpose. As with the Company Board materials, these should be all in-character posts/images/information.
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Kenjii's Journal for the Arrapago Reef Investigation
201 weeks ago
by Blue KJ
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