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Front Door

New to the game? New to the server? New to the shell? Come on in, take your shoes off, and say hi! :D
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Site News
TalesOfVanadiel news.
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Calendar Makeover
148 weeks ago
by Avina
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Need help with a quest or mission? What about a Notorious Monster? Post your bulletins here.
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Trusts: A Guide
103 weeks ago
by Blue KJ
General Chit chat
Talk about anything and everything else here. Try and keep it somewhat clean though 'kay?
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Creative Corner
For the artisans among us. Forum to ask your fellow artists and writers questions, with two separate forums for Fan Art and Non-RP Fan Fiction
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[Crossover]ToV Meets Wild ARMs 3! (With ToH cameos)
176 weeks ago
by Blue KJ
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RP General
Out-of-Character for In-Character. This section lists any knowledge and information that involves our RP that we do not actively 'know' in-character persay.
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What's Next (ToV Edition)
90 weeks ago
A showcase for the RP characters. ^^ This section includes character bios and more.
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President Naja Salaheem
5 weeks ago
Forum Roleplay
A forum to be used for RP outside of the game, for people who are unable to attend events but would like a different means of interacting with each other!
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100 Questions to Ask About Your Role-Playing Character
235 weeks ago
by Saerun
RP Fan Fiction
A collection of stories regarding our characters that we have typed up and made available for public viewing for reference. (Used to be "The Story So Far")
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Ambitious Whispers
102 weeks ago
by Avina
Company Board
A board for strictly in-character notes by the roleplayer characters for the roleplayer characters. Nothing should be posted here out of character. Subdivided into version sections.
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Kenjii's Journal for the Arrapago Reef Investigation
182 weeks ago
by Blue KJ
Activity Summaries
Summaries describing each RP session in brief are posted here for viewing by our members and guests.
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Back to the Beginning Part 1
106 weeks ago
by Avina
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